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If you don't know, some
people made up a story and
spread it around that I'm a
sockpuppet as part of The
Loveshade Family
Sockpuppet Conspiracy.

It's nonsense.
See some of my IDs and mail
and links for proof:
ASPCA Membership Card 2017
PayPal Mastercard 2016
PETA Mastercard 2016
Here's my Society for Creative
Anachronism membership statement for
2013. My SCA name is Ariel Lovechild.

I was a member before that. You can see
proof of my registering my
SCA name
and device below back in 2011.
Humane Society Membership 2017
SCA Membership 2013
I think this is maybe my second ASPCA
membership card.
I think this is my first PayPal Mastercard.
You have to have a tax payer ID (USA
government Social Security Card or
legal visa) to get one of these. Don't
believe me?
This is not my first PETA membership
card but it's the oldest one I could find.
I don't just have cards. Here's an
envelope for my membership renewal
statement from the Humane Society.
SubGenius Membership 2016
My second Church of the SubGenius
membership packet. I got this on the
two-for-one sale so I could give a gift. I
give them away every year.
AAA Membership Card 2020
I had 9 years of AAA membership by
2020. I got the first year as a present
when I got my driver license at age 16.
I'll start with links.

A few years ago, Facebook started
requiring people to use their legal
names. You had to do it even if you
were famous under a pseudonym,
even if you had a Facebook account
for years. Finally they got so many
protests they changed their policy in

II joined Facebook in 2009. I had to
show my driver's license for proof.

Facebook Fake Name Purge is Over

Miley Spears on Facebook
SubGenius Membership 2015
My first Church of the SubGenius
membership packet. I paid full price for
this, gave it away, got it back, then got it
cancelled. That was
my fault.