See our animal rights posters we used to draw attention to animals. You can use them
Animal Rights - Topless for PETA
Cougar kitten topless for animals poster
Dog and American flag topless for animals poster
Sailor Moon topless for animals poster
God gave us skin topless for animals poster
Make your own
Topless Protest!

If you're 24 or younger join

I planned it with Lindy and Rhonda, but other peeps joined us even some guys! We got the
idea from and the admin there said it was cool.

Of course just going topless wasn't going to get the message out. We snuck a "Go Topless
for PETA on Spring Break" banner up at our school and got in major trouble for that. But it
got attention!

On Spring Break 2009 we carried posters and some of us even put messages on our chests
and backs. Some people said nobody would get the message they'd just stare at our boobs.
But it really worked. People really listened!

On Spring Break 2010 I moved but did it again but obviously went to a different place this
time. We didn't get as many people as we did in 2009 but it still went well. We even got
somebody to join us!

On Spring Break 2011 we did it again and got more people interested!

I didn't get to do it on Spring Break 2012. But I did Go Topless Day in August!

But on Spring Break 2013 we got a lot of people!
How come men can go
topless and women
can't?  Breasts are
necessary for human life
they are not obscene!

Topfree Equal Rights
Go Topless Day is held
each year in August.

Go Topless Day